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This week the lead article is about what I learned following in Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps about independence of thoughts.   

The book excerpt is the call to action from the closing of the book.

The craft cocktail this week is different - it’s called Peace Treaty™ it’s a taste that brings people together. Try it then twist and turn and make it your own. 

Here's hoping you have a peaceful holiday season. 



Following Anthony Bourdain through Singapore

Anthony Bourdain Taught Me to 

Before my recent trip to Singapore I watched one of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” CNN episodes. My plan was to visit one of his iconic, out of the way restaurants.

HOWEVER, on my way to Singapore I read an article entitled “What would Bourdain do?  How to honor the intrepid traveler’s legacy“Instead of following in Bourdain's exact footsteps, find your own path. A new table to sit at in a town or country you haven't yet explored.”

The article made total sense to me. “Following” was not the spirit that drew me to Bourdain. What I embraced was his commitment to being in the moment, of connecting with real people through honest food and conversations.

The first night I followed the advice of the blogger and we created our own adventure. The result was an eclectic experience of amazing yet mysterious foods and drinks. 

The next day, David Lafkas of the Ranch I went to visit the National Museum of Singapore. The museum tells the history and also has an amazing of immersive exhibit called Story of The Forest . As I laid on my back on the floor watching three stories of digital flowers float down the walls - I realized that Anthony Bourdain would definitely not follow the opinions of a blog writer :). He would do what he wanted to do - no matter what other people said.

As we walked out of the museum it started to rain. I asked David if he’d be open to going to one of the restaurants Anthony Bourdain ate at. I explained that I wasn’t even sure where it was as my phone showed two locations. Despite the rain David said lets go.

45 minutes later we found ourselves in a “rustic” area of Singapore. Ordering at the restaurant was a challenge as it was for locals not tourists. We communicated our order by pointing at my phone to the names of foods - and for the price of $7.00 for the two of us  - we sat down to eat what Anthony Bourdain had ate.

The food was just as unique and delicious as the night before.

As we talked about Anthony Bourdain I came to understand that the heart of his message was to be true to yourself and to live in this moment, not the past, not the future. He exhibited an independence of thought. He was a a genuine original because he was himself - not someone trying to be someone or something. 

It doesn’t matter if I’m visiting a place he went to - or creating on my own adventure.  What matters is that I be true to myself. 

I’ve learned this over and over again in my life. When I write books from my soul - the result is good books that I still love years later and readers also love them. In contrast when I write books to impress others they don’t stand the test of time as well.

As you prepare for the end of the year - commit yourself to respecting your inner voice. Live in the here and now. Be who you are - and don’t worry about what other people think.



Driving Eureka! Problem Solving & Innovation Systems

You are the best we have. Now go do it.

Last week my book excerpt was the opening of my new book DRIVING EUREKA! .  To complete the cycle this week it’s the closing. It’s a call to action to take charge of your life - right now!

Closing Thoughts

When my time with Bill Conway (The retired CEO of Nashua Corporation the first Fortune 500 company to embrace Dr. Deming’s system approach to quality in the USA)  was over, I asked him what advice he had for me as I embarked on the journey to create an innovation revolution. He put his hand on my shoulder, looked me straight in the eye, and said:

“You have to do it. America needs it now. The country is failing because bosses are not doing the right things. Do it now. Do it faster. Have no tolerance for excuses.”

Bill said “America,” but frankly my friends in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and South America are feeling the same urgency. Now is the time to reinvent our community, our company, our country, and the world.

The process starts with you taking personal responsibility. You won’t do it right, you won’t be perfect, but you will get smarter and smarter with each cycle of learning—and that’s how you can and will change your world. When he feels I’m discouraged, my mentor, Walter Werner, often quotes what Dr. Nelson taught him long time ago:

"You are the best we have. Now go do it.”

So too it’s time for you to just go do it. And by doing I mean applying what you’re learned AND even more importantly, making a personal commitment to never ending, continuous learning. When this book was finished I sent an email to my mentors Walter and Barry Bruns thanking them for their ideas and advice during the writing process. True to form Walter responded with a challenge to me to continue my learning journey.     

“Thank you for letting me help.  Each of us grows as we go through life. Dr. Deming used to tell us in the most humble voice: "Please help me. I just want to learn." He was never being false or coy. He lived to learn and to grow.   We are building a cathedral of ideas one block at a time. Each idea has to be shaped and placed only when its’ time has come.  We each need to learn and to grow so we can teach and share. I can't share what I don't understand.

 Fisher gave us statistics. Shewhart gave us control charts. Deming gave us a system of thought that allowed us to put these tools and many others to work in modern organizations. Innovation Engineering defines, refines and expands the purpose of Deming's system. 

 There is no end to PDSA. No one can truly say they have done Deming and then wipe their hands as if they completed anything. There is no end to Deming. There is no end therefore to Innovation Engineering. What we understand and document today is only the foundation for tomorrow. There will be another generation after this one and another after that.  

PDSA  (Plan, Do, Study, Act) never ends. Knowledge is never complete. Wisdom is only gained a tiny bit at a time. There is so much left to do. Be safe my friends.”

So what are you waiting for? Get up, get out, get going!  As Ben Franklin said over 200 years ago:

“Up sluggard and waste not life, in the grave will be sleeping enough.”

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Craft Cocktail Recipe: Peace Treaty a Bourbon drink

Craft Cocktail Recipe:
Peace Treaty™ Pitcher Cocktail 

The Peace Treaty craft whiskey cocktail brings people together - no better way to kick-off the holiday season.  It’s so popular that I’ve included the recipe for making a “pitcher” of it :).

It’s a great example of how great cocktails are a system of independent parts that come together to create something magical. In this case the orange and cranberry juice balance out the earthiness of the maple syrup and whiskey.    

Make it as I’ve outlined then add your own twists to make it your own.

Ingredients for Pitcher Recipe:

1/2 Cup of Maple Syrup
2/3 Cup of Orange Juice
2/3 Cup of Cranberry Juice
1 Cup of Relativity (or other craft bourbon or rye) this is about 1.5 oz per serving
Directions for Pitcher Recipe:

1.) Add first 4 ingredients to a pitcher along with the 7Up to taste, 2.) Stir gently 13 times, 3.) Either add ice to pitcher or pour over ice in glasses, 4.) garnish with Lemon & Orange Slices and serve.

Ingredients for One Drink:

3/4 oz Maple Syrup
1 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Crandberry Juice
1.5 - 2 oz Relativity Whiskey

Directions for One Drink:
1.) Add ice to a highball or large rocks glass, then add 2.) the first 4 ingredients and 7Up to taste, 3.) gently stir 13 times, 4.) Garnish with Lemon & Orange slices and serve.

Doug Hall

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