Enough Already - Lets Commit to Smart not Stupid | Driving Eureka! #16


The feature story this week is about the challenge of getting adults to embrace never ending learning. 

The book excerpt discusses a method for getting smarter.

The Brain Brew Whiskey Academy tells of how continuous learning is the secret to our success.

To go DEEPER on any of the articles - listen to the companion DRIVING EUREKA! Podcast.


Lets Get Smarter with Innovation

Why do adults allow themselves to get STUPID as they age?


FACT:  The world is changing as science makes new discoveries.
FACT:  The world is changing as artificial intelligence enables new opportunities.
FACT:  The world is becoming one marketplace as the internet connects us.

TRUTH:  If you’re not getting smarter you’re getting STUPID.

15 years ago my Grandmother took a computer class at age 88. When I asked her why she said, “I don’t want to miss anything. Computers seem like they’re going to be pretty important.”

I think of my grandmother whenever I hear people say…

  • I can’t do this.
  • It’s just too much for me.
  • I’m too old for this. 

ENOUGH ALREADY. It’s time to embrace never ending learning.  

It’s time to challenge ourselves to learn every month, week, and day. In particular we need to become engaged in learning when we face ideas and opinions that are different from our own. To be honest - people who think differently are more valuable to you're learning than those who have the same views as you.

One of the reasons I LOVE my new role as Chief Inventor for the Eureka! Ranch is that I get to go really deep into client challenges. Because I’m freed up from project management I can spend more time THINKING, EXPLORING, and LEARNING. 

The process is rejuvenating to my body, mind, and soul.     

So get up, get out, get going with something that matters!


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Driving Eureka! Problem Solving & the Innovation Engineering System

Driving Eureka! Book Excerpt 

Exploring Stimulus  

The secret to becoming smarter as you age is commit yourself to continuous learning.  With Innovation Engineering we call this exploring stimulus.   It’s about a systematic approach to filling your brain with news. Insights, technology, etc.  This except  discusses the importance of stimulus. 

1. Explore Stimulus: The old approach to creating ideas is called brainstorming. However it’s usually more like “brain draining,” as ideas are “sucked” from the brain. The new approach is to systematically use stimuli to spark ideas. The stimulus can be related to the challenge, such as customer problem survey results, new technologies, or competitive actions. Or it can be unrelated, such as analogies, visualizations, and cultural excursions. The stimuli set off a chain reaction in your brain that brings fresh ideas to live.

The process is systematic in that prior to creating ideas we do what we call Stimulus Mining. It’s a process of finding facts, insights, and inputs that can open the mind. The most useful Stimulus Mining areas are: 1.) Wisdom Mining, 2.) Patent Mining, 3.) Market Mining, 4.) Insight Mining, 5.) Future Mining, and 6.) Unrelated Mining. These are reviewed in greater detail in the next chapter.

A simple tertile analysis documents the impact of stimulus on Meaningfully Unique idea development as part of Eureka! sessions. The greater the stimulus the greater the number of high-quality ideas that still existed after the raw ideas were defined in greater detail, edited, and evaluated.  

# of Meaningfully Unique Ideas Invented

High Stimulus Groups 47
Medium Stimulus Groups 38
Low Stimulus Groups 22


  Brain Brew Custom Whiskey Riverboat Collection

Mockups of our new Riverboat collection of whiskies.
With the Federal Government open we hope to have label approval soon.

Brain Brew Whisk(e)y Academy:
Secret to Our Success


Always LEARNING is our secret weapon. Recently I was sharing our Noble Oak and Relativity Whiskies with some folks who found them to be amazing. They were particularly amazed that despite being only a couple years old - we had won 2 of 8 Double Gold Medals at the North American Bourbon & Whiskey Championship.

As we talked - one of the folks started asking “what is the secret to your success?”  I kinda blew him off at first.  But he was not to be stopped.

I took a sip - paused - and thought.  

“Learning. We never stop learning. That’s our secret sauce,” I replied.

He looked at me dumbfounded. I guess it didn’t seem very profound. But it was and is the truth. I’ve been very blessed to have a team - at Brain Brew and our sister company, Eureka! Ranch, with an addiction to learning.   

As examples - recently for our Custom Whiskey Experience - the team felt the system for crafting your own personal whiskey was clunky and slow. Within a week - an entirely new system was invented, developed, and prototyped.

And - for our Custom Whiskey Cocktail Experience the team felt it was wasteful for consumers to make a full cocktail and toss it if they didn’t like it. So, they invented a micro cocktail system that makes cocktails that are 10% the size of regular ones. AND easy to make and taste. Less Waste - Faster Crafting - More Options are now possible.

Brain Brew Whiskey Sour

This is an “craft” version of a Whiskey sour. It was the #1 rated cocktail among whiskey drinkers in our recent research.


2 oz Relativity Whiskey

Step 1: Combine the ingredients with ice.
Step 2: Stir 13 times
Step 3: Garnish with a cherry and enjoy


The Driving Eureka! Podcast

Our goal is to help you, "find, filter and fast track BIG IDEAS."Driving_Eureka_podcast_image

Come and join us. We will teach how to build a business or innovate in an existing organization using the Driving Eureka! book and a whole series of education programs.



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  • 6 months to complete certification with access to Innovation Engineering Labs, a cloud-based innovation software suite - giving you access to 50+ tools to help you generate ideas, solve problems, test ideas, do math, write ideas & more.



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