How to STOP Innovation Project WASTE | Driving Eureka! #9


This week the lead article will challenge how you think about project management. It's about how to stop innovation project waste.

The book excerpt lays out why in the faster paced economy we need to increase our innovation speed. 

The craft cocktail is the Sazarac on the of the first in my mind best cocktails ever created.

The End of Big Bang Innovation | Driving Eureka! #8


In this week’s newsletter I do a rant about why the “Big Bang Theory of Innovation” is just not reality. The book excerpt does a dive into the importance of patents. Lastly, the cocktail is my personal, and very compulsive Martini recipe to celebrate the end of prohibition. 

Will it be the Best or Worst of Times? | Driving Eureka! #7


This week the lead article is about confronting the reality of a potential economic downturn in 2019 and what you can do about it.   

The book excerpt is the call to action from the closing of the book.

The Craft cocktail gives us a taste of luxury.

Trust in Your Instincts | Driving Eureka! #6


If I could ask a small favor. Please, go to your favorite online bookstore and if you've read Driving Eureka! or the earlier reader copy entitled, Innovation Engineering leave a review and let folks know what you thought!

This week the lead article is about what I learned following in Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps about independence of thoughts.   

The book excerpt is the call to action from the closing of the book.

The craft cocktail this week is different - it’s called Peace Treaty™ it’s a taste that brings people together. Try it then twist and turn and make it your own. 

Here's hoping you have a peaceful holiday season. 

2 Things that Matter in Life! | Driving Eureka! #5


This week I’m writing about life and living and celebrating the publication of my 7th book. The first article is inspired by Ben Franklin and Ernest Hemingway on what matters in life. The book excerpt is the opening of the book and it includes a special VIP offer.  The craft cocktail is an upgraded version of the classic Singapore Sling from Raffles Long Bar.

Change Your Destiny | Driving Eureka! #4



This week I’m sharing a personal experience I had last week in Singapore - where before my eyes a corporate group went from fear and pessimism to a culture of innovation and optimism.  It’s an amazing story.

In place of the Driving Eureka! Book expert - I’m sharing an incredible radio interview by the legendary Dan O’Day.  It’s the best hour you’ll spend this week.

Lastly, the craft whiskey cocktail gives a “kick of excitement: to the classic Mint Julep!

3 Steps For Taking Your Idea from Mediocre to WOW! | Driving Eureka! #3



This week I’m sharing some ideas on how to transform ideas from Mediocre to WOW from Ordinary to Extraordinary - from Meaningless to Meaningful. 

The Driving Eureka! Book excerpt this week is titled Bureaucracy—the Easiest Way to Kill Innovation

The Craft whiskey cocktail is a fresh and light twist on the classic Manhattan.  It’s a clean yet complex taste for enjoying when it’s 5:00 somewhere!

5 Reasons Organizations Don't Pursue Big Ideas | Driving Eureka! #2


Hi Friend!

As I settle into my new role as Chief Inventor and Chairman of the Eureka! Ranch - I’m focusing most of my time on igniting big ideas.  AND, I’m loving it. It’s just a ton of fun to be full throttle inventing again. I want everyone to experience the joy of innovating that I’m feeling. To that end this week I’ve outlined five reasons organizations don’t pursue BIG IDEAS.

The book excerpt this week is related.  It’s about HOW TO KNOW A BIG IDEA when you see it. 

The craft whiskey cocktail this week is the Crazy Viking. It is the polar opposite of the refreshing Gold Rush from last week.  It’s a complex and creative concoction that will stir your soul.

5 Truths About Innovation Learned Over 40 Years | Driving Eureka! #1


Hi friends,

This week I’ve spent time thinking deeply about that are the core truths when it comes to innovation.  The truths are the things that I feel offer the greatest potential for transforming innovation success rates.

I’ve also included an excerpt from my new book Driving Eureka! (out next month) on one of the biggest false cures for innovation challenges. 

Lastly, in celebration of the summer past - I’m sharing my favorite “refreshment” whiskey cocktail.   It features our Relativity product - if you aren’t near Boston where it’s sold I suggest you use your local craft whiskey in it’s place.   

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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