What happened to telling the WHOLE truth?


Over the past few months I’ve observed that we are collectively becoming less truthful.Truth and its importance in innovation

At a car dealership I observed a sales person lying 5 times. To make it worse - when her manager came over he lied 3 times in a row. Now I understand that they would call it “just selling” however in North Fryeburg Maine - where I spent time with my Grand Mother, Hazel Hall - she’d call it lying.   

In business meetings managers claim “amnesia” that had never been told something - when there is written evidence of it being shared at least 6 times - again Hazel would say lying.

And the list goes on - job candidates making false claims, web sites making false promises.

Many “truths” have variation and consequences attached. Not giving important information / consequences is as much of a falsehood as an out right promise that is not true. Or as Abraham Lincoln said “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

In my experience - driving deep into the truth about what you are doing that the others are not doing - is a powerful indicator of how innovative your product or service offering is. If how you craft your product or service is the same as everyone else - then it’s nearly impossible for your offering to be meaningfully unique. 

Most important of all is to tell the truth to yourself. Be honest with yourself about what you are doing with your life and why.

When we tell the truth - the whole truth to ourselves and others we generate energy.  When we lie to ourselves and others we drain ourselves of energy.

This week - I’d like to challenge everyone to tell the truth, the WHOLE and nothing but the TRUTH. Be very specific - clear - and 100% honest.

Doug Hall

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