The New Innovation Standard = Beyond Reasonable


The New Innovation Standard is Beyond Reasonable


Innovations can be meaningful, wonderful, better than expected. 

However my new standard is BEYOND REASONABLE!

I experienced BEYOND REASONABLE during the opening night of the new James Taylor and His All-Star Band with Bonnie Raitt tour.

It was not just good - it was overwhelmingly BEYOND REASONABLY AWESOME.   I can’t believe I’m saying this but on a pure entertainment basis it ranked close to Bruce Springsteen - and for fun with Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville circus.

The show did the little stuff great - started on time - delivered 3 hours of great music.

But that was just the start - it then went…

BEYOND REASONABLE - Bonnie Raitt gave a headliner show not a “warm up.”

BEYOND REASONABLE - James Taylor’s band was filled with incredible recording artists.

BEYOND REASONABLE - A Disney grade video set - was a 3 dimensional wow

BEYOND REASONABLE - The video directing and script was surprising and engaging not “window dressing.”

BEYOND REASONABLE - Despite a packed arena of over 14,000 people - James and Bonnie were unscripted and fully present in the moment - you felt like you were sitting at a coffee house with them.   

The joy across the audience was infectious. It was a truly magical experience. As we walked back to our car - I thought about how THIS FEELING - that I’m feeling is what I want every customer in companies, on campus, and in our whisk(e)y tasting room to feel.

This is a feeling that makes you write newsletters and do podcasts about it.

So what’s stopping us. Sadly, I think we have an epidemic of prudence, properness, and reasonableness.  We need to say NO to reasonable and embrace BEYOND REASONABLE.  We need to do this in our professional AND our personal lives.

So what are you waiting for?

Get up, get out, get going!

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