My Two Most Important Jobs as a Leader


On Wednesday at 2:00 this week I have to do my job as the leader of the Innovation Engineering movement.    As I prepare for the meeting I found myself this week reflecting on my two most important jobs as a leader: 1) Make true strategic decisions on where I want the organization to go and 2) Give power to my people to help them achieve my strategic mission.  

Why don't my employees want to do anything?


Human resources is one of our most valuable tools in todayÕs business world but leveraging that tool to itÕs fullest potential can seem like an impossible task. 

Quotes that struck me...


I'm deep into book writing ... in the process going through a collection of files... a few quotes really struck me this morning.
AG Lafley

Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Innovation Engineering


I know it's a great new year when mid way through January I'm already learning ....

Where are you? Where are you going?


Good Morning Pioneers
I'm sitting at the house of an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt who is on the path to Black Belt.

Your company is a great one if...


Your company is a great one if….
IF your offerings are so exciting to customers…

Freedom FROM versus Freedom TO...


Thomas L Friedman in today's New York Times August 24, 2014 writes that there is a difference between “Freedom from” and “Freedom to.”
In a work situation “Freedom from” bosses that are jerks and oppressive working conditions is a given in most parts of the modern world.

Doug Hall

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