Why I Thrived at P&G despite never selling out my PASSION and how YOU CAN too!


I have always had a passion, no make that a fanatical compulsion, to innovate.  To some this spirit is inspiring. To others it’s their worst nightmare.

After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine I went to work for Procter & Gamble in their Brand Management department in Cincinnati.  My first boss, Barb Thomas said of me, “Were there times I wanted to strangle Doug? Absolutely.  He was what I call a high-maintenance subordinate.  You had to watch him like crazy.  He’d be nodding at what I was saying, but his mind would be somewhere else.  Linear he’s not.  He sees the same thing you see, but from a different perspective.”

My passion to do things differently, smarter, faster, more creatively was the key to my success at P&G. It was how my small team created and shipped 9 innovations in 12 months.  What I didn’t know until recently was that to many leaders of P&G, Passion was the key to making really big ideas happen.   During my tenure I had many mentors.  One of them was John Pepper who had a 39-year career at Procter & Gamble and served as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman from 1986-2003. John recently posted a story on his blog  that explained in an indirect way - why he and the company were so supportive of non-traditional ways…John wrote...

10 Ways to Dramatically Increase Speed to Market


The Innovation Engineering System helps you accelerate Meaningfully Unique ideas TO MARKET.   In contrast, other innovation systems are focused simply on the creation of ideas.
Ideas are important however 80% or more of innovation failure lies in the development process.With the wrong development system ideas can decline in market value by as much as 50% as they run into obstacles.  With Innovation Engineering ideas actually grow in value by 28% during the development process.

There is nothing worse than a dream unfulfilled


Inside all of us are ideas.  Ideas for making a difference in our world, our company, our community, our personal lives.
Sadly, most people will never take action on these ideas. I believe that a small reason they don't take action is because they are lazy.

Doug Hall

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