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Can someone help me understand this contradiction?


The other day I was working with a senior leadership team translating their business strategy to what we call Blue Cards - these are simple translations of the leaderships strategic intent.
We crafted a card about the need for growth - defined a highly motivating  narrative, set strategic exclusions and even tactical constraints.  In particular we made it clear that we were not interested in ideas that generated less than $10 Million (it was a very large company).

Where are you? Where are you going?


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I'm sitting at the house of an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt who is on the path to Black Belt.

10 Ways to Dramatically Increase Speed to Market


The Innovation Engineering System helps you accelerate Meaningfully Unique ideas TO MARKET.   In contrast, other innovation systems are focused simply on the creation of ideas.
Ideas are important however 80% or more of innovation failure lies in the development process.With the wrong development system ideas can decline in market value by as much as 50% as they run into obstacles.  With Innovation Engineering ideas actually grow in value by 28% during the development process.

Freedom FROM versus Freedom TO...


Thomas L Friedman in today's New York Times August 24, 2014 writes that there is a difference between “Freedom from” and “Freedom to.”
In a work situation “Freedom from” bosses that are jerks and oppressive working conditions is a given in most parts of the modern world.

Doug Hall

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