The problem with ONE Mindset Managers


I’ve recently realized that the majority of managers, leaders and even investors have just one MINDSET.   They see every challenge the same way.  No matter what the problem they turn to the same solution that once in their career was successful. 

The problem with this “one solution for all” approach is obvious.   As a friend said recently - the problem is that most business problems are more complex then they appear on the surface and most leaders don’t want to get emotional engaged in thinking through the root causes of challenged. 

The need to invest the time and energy to THINK DEEPER and to not use a “one size fits all” approach came to life last week when over three days I was deeply involved in three totally different business situations.   In brief….

Be Responsible for the Energy you Bring


Years ago I was home with my second child.  In between diapers and naps I’d turn on the TV to give me some semblance of adult conversation and company.  One afternoon I got sucked into an episode of Oprah (when it was a show, not an entire network), that completely changed my outlook on behavior and outcomes.

Why the craft movement is going to kill off corporations.


The craft movement is growing.  All craft whiskey companies will not succeed.  But unless corporations learn the Craft mindset they will all fail.  
Doug Hall

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