The problem with ONE Mindset Managers


I’ve recently realized that the majority of managers, leaders and even investors have just one MINDSET.   They see every challenge the same way.  No matter what the problem they turn to the same solution that once in their career was successful. 

The problem with this “one solution for all” approach is obvious.   As a friend said recently - the problem is that most business problems are more complex then they appear on the surface and most leaders don’t want to get emotional engaged in thinking through the root causes of challenged. 

The need to invest the time and energy to THINK DEEPER and to not use a “one size fits all” approach came to life last week when over three days I was deeply involved in three totally different business situations.   In brief….

Drucker on Why Managing for Today is FICTITIOUS


Hello Innovation Pioneers
I continue to get struck by the distance between today and tomorrow.

Learning how to WIN Again!



Do you want to be controlled or enabled?


The innovation gap between companies is growing.
Today, if you’re not meaningfully unique you better be cheap.

How to Help Leaders Find the Courage to "Do the right thing"


The classic "excuse" for the short term orientation of leadership is that the big boss, the shareholders, wall street, venture capitalists, or who ever - needs to see short term results.
There is only one way for a leader to find the courage to do the right thing - even if it is costly in the short term.

Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Innovation Engineering


I know it's a great new year when mid way through January I'm already learning ....

Soon CEO's will be begging for innovation...


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers from London,

The Antidote to Today's Crisis


To paraphrase Dr. W. Edwards Deming from Out of the Crisis. “The aim of this book is transformation of the style of management.  Transformation of management is not a job of reconstruction, nor is it revision.  It requires a whole new structure, from foundation upward.  Mutation might be the word, except that mutation implies unordered spontaneity.  Transformation must take place with directed effort.  The aim of this book is to supply the direction. “
The “Crisis" Dr. Deming was referring to in the early 80’s was the unprecedented decline in sales and profitability experienced by the western world as a result of the advantage Japanese companies had in designing and manufacturing products with meaningfully higher quality and reliability.

An Investment in Education Pays the Best Interest


Ben Franklin wrote, “An investment in education pays the best interest.”   So too it is with innovation.  The greatest waste today is the lack of education provided in our schools and work places on how to innovate.  Our brains are jammed with content from the humanities, arts and sciences.  However, we are rarely if ever taught how to transform that content into innovations for making our worlds a better place.

Freedom FROM versus Freedom TO...


Thomas L Friedman in today's New York Times August 24, 2014 writes that there is a difference between “Freedom from” and “Freedom to.”
In a work situation “Freedom from” bosses that are jerks and oppressive working conditions is a given in most parts of the modern world.

Doug Hall

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