Unbelievable - Innovation Culture Change in 4 Days


This past week I observed something I never thought was possible. A team from a multi-national corporation transformed from fear and pessimism to innovation and optimism in 4 days!

My Two Most Important Jobs as a Leader


On Wednesday at 2:00 this week I have to do my job as the leader of the Innovation Engineering movement.    As I prepare for the meeting I found myself this week reflecting on my two most important jobs as a leader: 1) Make true strategic decisions on where I want the organization to go and 2) Give power to my people to help them achieve my strategic mission.  

Be Responsible for the Energy you Bring


Years ago I was home with my second child.  In between diapers and naps I’d turn on the TV to give me some semblance of adult conversation and company.  One afternoon I got sucked into an episode of Oprah (when it was a show, not an entire network), that completely changed my outlook on behavior and outcomes.

Why don't my employees want to do anything?


Human resources is one of our most valuable tools in todayÕs business world but leveraging that tool to itÕs fullest potential can seem like an impossible task. 

A New Leadership Mindset for the Millennial Manager, Worker and Marketplace


The New World Requires a New Leadership Approach
Good Morning Innovation Explorers & Pioneers,

Learning how to WIN Again!



How to Realize a 400% increase in your Cost Savings Project Value


Scientific Research Finds the Secret to Unlocking the Power of Employee Driven ideas

Do you want to be controlled or enabled?


The innovation gap between companies is growing.
Today, if you’re not meaningfully unique you better be cheap.

Can someone help me understand this contradiction?


The other day I was working with a senior leadership team translating their business strategy to what we call Blue Cards - these are simple translations of the leaderships strategic intent.
We crafted a card about the need for growth - defined a highly motivating  narrative, set strategic exclusions and even tactical constraints.  In particular we made it clear that we were not interested in ideas that generated less than $10 Million (it was a very large company).

How to Help Leaders Find the Courage to "Do the right thing"


The classic "excuse" for the short term orientation of leadership is that the big boss, the shareholders, wall street, venture capitalists, or who ever - needs to see short term results.
There is only one way for a leader to find the courage to do the right thing - even if it is costly in the short term.

Doug Hall

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