Will it be the BEST or the WORST of Times for YOU in 2019?


With the news speaking of a coming financial decline in 2019 I’m reminded of the famous lines from Charles Dickens 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities that I spoke once in London…

The Greatest Radio Interview on Innovation Ever


I recently had the honor of being interviewed by the master of radio Dan O’Day. He’s famous in the world of radio for teaching thousands of radio hosts.   

He transformed my new book Driving Eureka! (out next Tuesday November 13) into the most insightful one hour interview I’ve ever done. In a conversational and comfortable style - he got to the heart of issues - asked smart follow ups - and made me think deeply.   

Unbelievable - Innovation Culture Change in 4 Days


This past week I observed something I never thought was possible. A team from a multi-national corporation transformed from fear and pessimism to innovation and optimism in 4 days!

Time for Change - A New Journey Awaits!


(Spoiler alert:  Read all the way to the bottom of this post to learn how to come along on the next adventure.)

My good friend Graeme Crombie of Scotland teaches executives to focus their energy on the “highest and best” use of their time and energy.

It is with that wise sentiment that I announce, effective immediately, Maggie Nichols will be the new CEO of Eureka! Ranch International, Ltd. Her leadership skills, brains, heart, and soul make her ready to become her next “highest and best” as she assumes this new role at the Ranch.

My job will be to support Maggie as she leads the Eureka! Ranch.   I will continue as Eureka! Ranch Chairman and in the new role as Chief Inventor. 

The problem with ONE Mindset Managers


I’ve recently realized that the majority of managers, leaders and even investors have just one MINDSET.   They see every challenge the same way.  No matter what the problem they turn to the same solution that once in their career was successful. 

The problem with this “one solution for all” approach is obvious.   As a friend said recently - the problem is that most business problems are more complex then they appear on the surface and most leaders don’t want to get emotional engaged in thinking through the root causes of challenged. 

The need to invest the time and energy to THINK DEEPER and to not use a “one size fits all” approach came to life last week when over three days I was deeply involved in three totally different business situations.   In brief….

My Two Most Important Jobs as a Leader


On Wednesday at 2:00 this week I have to do my job as the leader of the Innovation Engineering movement.    As I prepare for the meeting I found myself this week reflecting on my two most important jobs as a leader: 1) Make true strategic decisions on where I want the organization to go and 2) Give power to my people to help them achieve my strategic mission.  

3 Keys to Innovation Project Success


GrafTech Innovation Jacket

Why don't my employees want to do anything?


Human resources is one of our most valuable tools in todayÕs business world but leveraging that tool to itÕs fullest potential can seem like an impossible task. 

4 Key Innovation Thoughts from Dr. Deming


When I came to Eureka! Ranch over 12 years ago with my 2 years in government and my liberal arts degree in Communications (from DePauw University - go Tigers!) I had never heard of Dr. W. Edwards Deming - honestly, I'd taken only one class in the Science and Math building so it wasn't surprising.  But, as an innovator it is important to understand who Dr. Deming was and what he means to quality and innovation not only in the United States, but across the globe. He was a visionary, whose tireless quest for the "truth" and unwavering belief in "continual improvement" led to a set of transformational theories and teachings that changed the way we think about quality, management and leadership.

4 Thing You Should Do Today to Prioritize Innovation


I have found over the years that often when leading innovation, it is about choices. The big choice to do "any innovation at all" could almost be considered the easy one. Innovation is shown to make a meaningful impact to a company's bottom line, their return, and to employee wallets and morale. Doing the new thing isn't necessarily hard it's making the decision to NOT do other things that are hard.

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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