The Greatest Radio Interview on Innovation Ever


I recently had the honor of being interviewed by the master of radio Dan O’Day. He’s famous in the world of radio for teaching thousands of radio hosts.   

He transformed my new book Driving Eureka! (out next Tuesday November 13) into the most insightful one hour interview I’ve ever done. In a conversational and comfortable style - he got to the heart of issues - asked smart follow ups - and made me think deeply.   

Unbelievable - Innovation Culture Change in 4 Days


This past week I observed something I never thought was possible. A team from a multi-national corporation transformed from fear and pessimism to innovation and optimism in 4 days!

How to Know a Big Idea When You See it!


An excerpt from my 7th book, Driving Eureka!...

The Innovation Engineering community’s definition of innovation is precise.

Meaningfully Unique

MEANINGFUL in that it has an obvious value to the customer. That is, the idea is so meaningful customers would willingly give up their existing behaviors for it. Importantly, it is also instantly understandable as to “Why should I, the customer, care?”

UNIQUE in that it is a genuine original. It’s a non-obvious leap that doesn’t exist in the world. Often it offers a quantifiable advantage such that you can put a number on how much better it is versus the existing alternative, if there is one.

One of the BIGGEST False Cures for Innovation Challenges


An excerpt from my 7th book, Driving Eureka!...

When a leader is ready to confront the reality that they need to innovate to compete they frequently seek out one or more of what the Innovation Engineering Pioneers call the five “False Cures.” These are simplistic management fixes that sound promising, but that in the long term often cause more damage than good.

False Cure #1: More Inspection, Metrics, and Bigger Rewards. The hypothesis is: If management reviews the development of innovations more frequently and diligently, then innovation success will be realized. The truth is inspection of quality doesn’t work. Just as in the factory, innovation quality must be built into the organization’s work systems and tools.

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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