Quotes that struck me...


I'm deep into book writing ... in the process going through a collection of files... a few quotes really struck me this morning.
AG Lafley

The Antidote to Today's Crisis


To paraphrase Dr. W. Edwards Deming from Out of the Crisis. “The aim of this book is transformation of the style of management.  Transformation of management is not a job of reconstruction, nor is it revision.  It requires a whole new structure, from foundation upward.  Mutation might be the word, except that mutation implies unordered spontaneity.  Transformation must take place with directed effort.  The aim of this book is to supply the direction. “
The “Crisis" Dr. Deming was referring to in the early 80’s was the unprecedented decline in sales and profitability experienced by the western world as a result of the advantage Japanese companies had in designing and manufacturing products with meaningfully higher quality and reliability.

Freedom FROM versus Freedom TO...


Thomas L Friedman in today's New York Times August 24, 2014 writes that there is a difference between “Freedom from” and “Freedom to.”
In a work situation “Freedom from” bosses that are jerks and oppressive working conditions is a given in most parts of the modern world.

So What Is This Thing Called Innovation Engineering


Last week the Innovation Engineering Institute team gathered  to think deeply.  One of the many outputs was the thought piece below on what Innovation Engineering is and how it works.

Doing THINGS RIGHT versus doing the RIGHT THINGS


Good Afternoon Innovation Pioneers
I just added a video clip from the Deming Video Library to the Innovation Engineering courses.

Do Cool Shit that MATTERS this day, this week


This blog is an update to one I first posted a year ago.  As you will read - an experience on Friday at Innovation College and yesterday while working on the next Innovation Engineering Curriculum upgrade brought it to mind.
“There is nothing better for a man to do than to eat and drink and enjoy himself in return for his labors.”

Are You Enjoying Your Work?


“There is nothing better for a man to do than to eat and drink and enjoy himself in return for his labors.”Deming Office
This quote from Ecclesiastes 2:24 was hand written on the note pad on the top of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s desk in his basement office when he passed away.

Special One Month Event


Good Morning Pioneers,
Today - at InnovationEngineering.org  for one month only - in honor of the 33rd anniversary of the NBC Special If Japan Can... Why Can't We? - you and your team can watch a one hour documentary - that tells the story of the transformation that Dr. Deming, Clare Crawford Mason and Lloyd Dobyns sparked.  (NBC owns the rights to the original video - and they are not making it available at this time).

Stop the BLAME Game - and start Leading SYSTEMIC Change


Last week I taught the last Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute of 2010. As I taught it Dr. Deming’s proclamation that “94% of failures are due to the system, 6% are due to the worker” rang more true in my mind than ever.
Today’s Innovation Engineering is easier than ever to teach, learn and apply. And the reason is not: 1) smarter teachers or 2) smarter students or 3) smarter coaches in the evenings. The reason is that we have continuously improved the system of learning. We’ve found smarter ways to teach the core concepts.

Doug Hall

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