3 Ways to Bring Integrity to Your Work


This morning I’m thinking about integrity. dictionary.com defines Integrity as…

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
The state of being whole and undivided

When our work has integrity we are fulfilled. Integrity brings meaning to our work and life. 

Sadly - instead of integrity - much of our work life is filled with drama more befitting of a movie - politics, drama, and intrigue. The “drama” increases the larger the organization - and the more the ownership of our organization is “separated from the work” of the employees. 

Enough already - Lets commit to SMART not STUPID


Why do adults allow themselves to get STUPID as they age?

FACT:  The world is changing as science makes new discoveries.
FACT:  The world is changing as artificial intelligence enables new opportunities.
FACT:  The world is becoming one marketplace as the internet connects us.

TRUTH:  If you’re not getting smarter you’re getting STUPID.

Test the Untestable


3 Principles for Smarter Innovation Decisions

Company leaders pride themselves on their ability to make key decisions to drive their business. Yet, sadly, most companies don’t use hard data to make innovation decisions. The result is a 85% to 95% failure rate in innovation. 

Why don’t leaders use data to make more decisions? They don’t know that they can! I believe that leaders are not stupid. They would use data to aid their decision making if they had it. The reason they don’t is because they believe they can’t gather data to help them make most decisions. Ten to twenty years ago they were right. It was not cost effective to use data to make smarter decisions. 

Fortunately, new discoveries and technologies now make it possible to cost effectively gather data to support 100% of key decisions. For example: a long term marketplace tracking study by the Eureka! Ranch’s - MERWYN Decision Support group found that the Truth Teller research methodology was 7 times smarter at making go/no go decisions than company leaders.

Will it be the BEST or the WORST of Times for YOU in 2019?


With the news speaking of a coming financial decline in 2019 I’m reminded of the famous lines from Charles Dickens 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities that I spoke once in London…

Craft Cocktail Recipe: Singapore Sling



BETTER Than the Original!

In celebration of the publication of my next book this week I thought I’d do something a little different this week on my craft cocktail. This picture was taken at the famous Raffles LONG BAR in Singapore. When I wast first at Raffles it was gritty and authentic. Today it looks more like the Walt Disney Imagineers have done renovations. Sadly, the volume of drinks sold has gone up massively with the renovations - and the ingredients are not purely fresh. Here’s my take on the original - and yes the brand names really matter.

The Greatest Radio Interview on Innovation Ever


I recently had the honor of being interviewed by the master of radio Dan O’Day. He’s famous in the world of radio for teaching thousands of radio hosts.   

He transformed my new book Driving Eureka! (out next Tuesday November 13) into the most insightful one hour interview I’ve ever done. In a conversational and comfortable style - he got to the heart of issues - asked smart follow ups - and made me think deeply.   

Unbelievable - Innovation Culture Change in 4 Days


This past week I observed something I never thought was possible. A team from a multi-national corporation transformed from fear and pessimism to innovation and optimism in 4 days!

Craft Cocktail Recipe: Jalapeño Julep Cocktail




A Touch of Spice toKick Alive Your Taste Buds!

This week’s cocktail is inspired by Edward Lee, Chef/Owner of 610 Magnolia of Louisville and other restaurants. It transforms the Mint Julep into a more complex, more exciting taste sensation that is the perfect drink for setting up your taste buds for a great meal.

Ingredients for Jalapeño Syrup:

1/2 Cup of Water
1/2 Cup of Sugar
1 Jalapeño Chopped & Seeded

Craft Cocktail Recipe: Italian Manhattan



A Clean Yet Complex Taste for When it's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

This bourbon cocktail is a twist on the classic Manhattan normally made with Sweet Vermouth. This is a lighter, cleaner version using Limoncello. The best is my wife Debbie’s Limoncello she makes over the holidays - but we’re out for the season - so I went store bought.

To see where you buy Noble Oak CLICK HERE.

Bureaucracy - the Easiest Way to Kill Innovation


My 7th book, Driving Eureka!, will be published next month.  Sneak preview...

Innovation equals change. Change means uncertainty. Uncertainty means fear. The best way to prevent innovation or change is through the implementation of bureaucratic systems. Bureaucratic systems, such as excessive rules, regulations, or reporting, create barriers to change, and thesebarriers protect the status quo.

Bureaucracy multiplies when organizations grow to a size where loyalty to department is greater than loyalty to the organization. Tom Peters once said something along the lines of, “After you get to a dozen people, you have a hopeless bureaucracy.”

Recall, systems are defined as two or more independent parts working toward a common aim. In business and nonprofit organizations, this means divisions, departments, and/or teams focused on achieving the overall aim of the organization.

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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