Time for Change - A New Journey Awaits!


(Spoiler alert:  Read all the way to the bottom of this post to learn how to come along on the next adventure.)

 Maggie Nichols

My good friend Graeme Crombie of Scotland teaches executives to focus their energy on the “highest and best” use of their time and energy.

It is with that wise sentiment that I announce, effective immediately, Maggie Nichols will be the new CEO of Eureka! Ranch International, Ltd. Her leadership skills, brains, heart, and soul make her ready to become her next “highest and best” as she assumes this new role at the Ranch.

My job will be to support Maggie as she leads the Eureka! Ranch.   I will continue as Eureka! Ranch Chairman and in the new role as Chief Inventor. 


After many months of reflection I feel that the highest and best use of my time today is to focus on my personal passion in life. INVENTING. At my core I am an inventor. Or said more specifically - I want to help people FIND, FILTER, and FAST track BIG IDEAS that change the world.

It is my feeling that at this point in my life journey I can be most impactful by helping people move beyond good innovations to WICKED GREAT innovations.  My work over the past year applying Innovation Engineering to Brain Brew Custom Whiskey made me realize that my true “highest and best” is to help people and companies achieve the BIG EUREKA!  

Brain Brew’s use of Time Compression™ aging to create new to the world taste experiences - is bold, brave, and has proven to be inspiring to all who learn about it.


The change means MY FOCUS will be on inventing ideas and methods for…

  1. Growing the Innovation Engineering Movement - This will be done by focusing more energy on growing our Network of colleges, universities, and consulting partners around the world. Key to growing Innovation Engineering will be my new book on Innovation Engineering titled DRIVING EUREKA!  It will also power my return to the speaking circuit with the latest content.
  2. Creating the Brain Brew Custom Whisk(e)y network.  This will be a network of craft brewers and distillers around the world - who we will provide education and technology to help them create amazing new whisky taste experiences.
  3. Igniting Big, Bold Ideas in Eureka! Inventing sessions.  Instead of leading sessions I will add my diversity of thinking as a member of project teams.

You need to CHOOSE to follow the new Journey!

I will be writing a new blog - focused on helping people Find, Filter, and Fast Track big ideas using the Innovation Engineering system.  The new blog will live at www.DougHall.com.  Click HERE to follow my new journey.

In the meantime this Innovation Engineering blog will go on temporary hiatus as the Innovation Engineering Institute team re-imagines how to best connect the community. 



P.S. This is important.  In order to continue to receive my latest learnings on Inventing, Innovation Engineering, and Whiskey and to sometimes receive FREE STUFF!… you must click HERE.   With the advent of GDPR, it is required. And by our “make sure people only get Meaningfully Unique content” standards, we promise that clicking through will be worth it!

P.P.S. - Just to be VERY CLEAR.  I remain “ALL IN” on the Innovation Engineering mission.   And my commitment is for at least 15 more years! 

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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