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Hi Pioneers,
As we begin a new school year and Innovation Engineering is being offered at even more universities around the world, we’d like to also introduce another fresh start:  the new Innovation Engineering Blog System ‘2.0’ – a collection of blogs for news, hope and help for those leading the Innovation Engineering Movement around the globe.
International Public Blog - Practical & Proven Ideas for growing a culture of never ending innovation with increased speed and decreased risk. 

This blog, authored by Innovation Engineering founder Doug Hall, has been inspiring and educating readers for over a year.  Now it will become a weekly blog authored by Doug and also Maggie Nichols, Chief Operating Officer of the Eureka! Ranch.  Doug and Maggie will be writing about innovation topics that effect everyone as well as how to lead innovation.

Topics:  Leadership, New Discoveries, Innovation Education
Frequency:  Twice a Week
Open to:  anyone on the planet

Brain Brew Café
Private Innovation Engineering Black Belt Blog - Where Innovation Engineering Black Belts provide ideas and advice to one another. 

This blog is authored by Certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts and is very much the center of the Black Belt community. Whether you’ve been a Black Belt for years or are just starting your journey, this blog provides helpful tips, tricks and reminders for nearly every situation. You can either check out the over 500+ previous blog posts or write your own to get some guidance from others.

Topics:  Process, Systems, Culture
Frequency:  7 days a week – with a different Black Belt author every day giving you news and information
Open to:  Existing Black Belts and those in the process of certification

[Your Organization] CoffeeHouse
Private Innovation Blog for your organization – News and Information on what’s going on in Innovation inside your Organization.

For organizations with the Enterprise Edition of you can now author your own blog on innovation for your staff.  You can use it to share innovation strategy, celebrate wins and Fail FAST, Fail CHEAP victories, the vision for innovation at your company and what Very Important Problems and Opportunities you want your staff to rally around.   HINT: You can also use it to REPOST what was published on InnovationNews or Brain Brew Café.

Topics:  Your Choosing because you author it
Frequency:  Your choosing
Open to:  All employees of organizations with the Enterprise Edition of

Looking forward to great conversations and connections through the blog and (And be on the lookout for more exciting things in the coming months.)

-    The Team


NOTE ON NAMING: You will note that other than the public blog – all blogs have a connection to coffee.   We think of them as digital “Coffee Houses.” Throughout history, coffee houses have been places where big ideas are sparked. 

At the London Coffee house in England Ben Franklin and other renaissance thinkers gathered to create the Royal Society of Arts. 

At the Green Dragon Coffee House in Boston Patriots gathered to plan the Boston Tea Party. 

Coffee houses have been symbolized freedom without fear and have provided inspiration for artistic expression.  Over the past millennium, the coffee house has become a regular meeting place for people to find common grounds by engaging in delightful, often energetic, conversations.


*If you’d like more information about the Enterprise version of or the Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification drop us a line or call us anytime at +1 (513) 271-9911.

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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