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David Brooks has a fascinating piece in the NYTimes this morning that discusses the change upon us with the digital age.
In the opening he says...

We’re living in an era of mechanized intelligence, an age in which you’re probably going to find yourself in a workplace with diagnostic systems, different algorithms and computer-driven data analysis. If you want to thrive in this era, you probably want to be good at working with intelligent machines. As Tyler Cowen puts it in his relentlessly provocative recent book, “Average Is Over,” “If you and your skills are a complement to the computer, your wage and labor market prospects are likely to be cheery. If your skills do not complement the computer, you may want to address that mismatch.”

In the world of Innovation Engineering this means making the Human Systems and Digital Systems work together.   This takes clarity, discipline and a clear sense of purpose (Blue Card).

Other things that were interesting to me in the article was the 85%/15% reference - something that we've measured as well i.e. 15% of adults proactive, 85% reactive.

I was also interested in his insights on the different ways that people deal with technology.

Stepping Back - this article points out another element of the new world.  The world has changed - and this is good.  Change creates opportunities for those with the courage to learn, relearn and adapt.

The article also reinforces a decision some years ago to focus on education.  Our very proactive and forward thinking education partners on campus are very important resources for our movement.

I'm  going to bring this up with the Innovation Engineering Institute team.  I want to explore how we can bring more of this type of "digital" learning experience to our classes both on and off campus.

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p.s.  The last Innovation College for the year is being held this week at the Ranch.  It's a group that is unlike any other.  They are 3/4's "Right Brain." (usually the group is 3/4's logical left brain) --- I'm going to have to be sensitive :)


Doug Hall

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