Giggling Excitement


Giggling Excitement is what I’m feeling as I sit by the fire at our farmhouse here on the shore of New London Bay -  Springbrook,  Prince Edward Island, Canada. 
doug_badgeIn the nearly 30 years of the Purpose -  I’ve never, ever felt such excitement for the year to come.  The Purpose.  The Purpose for me and others is ……To Change the World by transforming innovation from a random art to a reliable system.  The result is a cultural transformation - where we as a collective community focus on making a meaningful difference in our lives, communities and the world.  Said in a more blunt fashion ….it’s about enabling and educating people so that they can

“Do Shit that Matters!”

This year was a turning point for the movement.  The introduction of some core puzzle pieces of Digital Systems and Human Systems moved us from movement fueled by early adopters to one that is ready to diffuse to the broader world.

This year I learned the exponential impact that education can have while leading Innovation College programs - teaching change agents from 33 states and 5 countries four college courses of material in 5 days! (We estimate over 50,000 assignments were submitted and graded this year!)

I learned the power of the human spirit to believe in a better way.  People are good - they just don’t know what to do - they need help.  Getting close to the work - as is my way - I met inspiring people ready to lead the transformation during a trip across Kansas, a trip to the center of Canada (Winnipeg), a week in Seoul South Korea and even at a speaking engagement at the Royal London Opera House in the UK.  As one executive said after a program — “I learned that I need to stop being content with things that suck.  I need to just start doing something about them.”

 I learned the power of the human spirit to forgive and unite.  In a life changing visit to Hanoi Vietnam I saw hope and potential for the future embodied.  I learned hopes of youth as I sat on tiny stools on the street drinking beer at a street market late, late into the evening.   I learned it on the streets of Hanoi as the General’s funeral procession passed by.  And most importantly, I learned it at a memorable cooking class and dinner in the home of two thought leading visionaries.  That evening opened my eyes to the power of the human spirit - the ability to forgive and forget and the united power we have as a collective world community to change the world.

At the Royal London Opera house - not far from where Dickens lived - I mischievously quoted “It was the Best of Times - It was the Worst of Times.” (I told them I always wanted to say that on stage in London…they didn’t get the joke :).   

Friends,  I can say - without reservation - that this moment - this time -  this point in history is truly the Best of Times.  It is the best of times because of you.  You my friends are igniting the change. You are the  believers who reject being sluggards and live Ben Franklin’s credo

Up Sluggard and Waste Not Life - In the Grave Will be Sleeping Enough!”

Happy Holidays


p.s. As many of you know - I have done my time on network Reality TV as a host.  The result is I am very skeptical of it given my experience.  However - every now and then something magical happens - something more real than anything tv can manufacture.   This Link takes you to a video clip that speaks to me.  It's about empowering ordinary people.  In many ways it's the true purpose of The Purpose.

Doug Hall

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