Experiencing Universal Harmony in Barcelona


Good Morning from Barcelona Spain
I'm up early writing my next book.   I'm posting this blog because I have to get something out of my head as it's preventing me from writing :).

Over the last two days I've had an opportunity to feel the principles of Innovation Engineering embodied in a most unexpected way.    Specifically I felt the architectural brilliance of  Antoni Gaudi .   Here are a few links http://www.thenaturelabs.com/article.php?id=55



In the blog above the author identifies six elements of Gaudi's innovation personality that stand out.  The words in Red are my link to Innovation Engineering

1) Gaudi had intense observational skills  (Stimulus Mining)

2) Gaudi was inspired by the beauty and aesthetics of nature  (Stimulus Processing - bio mimicry)

3) Gaudi invented unique methodologies  in engineering and the building sciences (Systems)

4) Gaudi had deep content expertise across multiple disciplines, especially in engineering and mathematics  (Diversity)

5) Gaudi insisted on executional excellence  (Development is 80% of it)

6) Gaudi had a relentless intrinsically driven obsession for his work.  (You gotta LOVE it)

I experienced his architectural genius in horse stables,  attics,  roof tops,  soaring basilica churches,  humble apartment  buildings and private residences .

What I particularly felt in the various structures - especially when I sat down and just "felt" them - was a universal harmony.   All of the pieces, the colors, the textures, the designs, the materials, the movement of the wind, were one organic flow.  There is a rhythm with nature to be sure but more than that a rhythm of a whole piece of creation.   My wife Debbie also felt it.   There is something about a pure and authentic piece of work that is absolutely beautiful.

As I reflect back on the various innovations that I've been a part of the best ones - are the ones that start to approach that same harmony.  They just felt right from the depths of my sole.  They were ideas that had a sense of rightness, genuineness and authenticity.

In contrast - the ones that are never right - no matter how much time, money and debate are invested in them are ideas of the ego.  When ideas are driven by personal ego instead of intrinsic rightness then there is disharmony.

When we do the right things in the right way we realize universal harmony.

Here's to hoping that today you move closer to doing the right things in the right way.




Doug Hall

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