An Investment in Education Pays the Best Interest


Ben Franklin wrote, “An investment in education pays the best interest.”   So too it is with innovation.  The greatest waste today is the lack of education provided in our schools and work places on how to innovate.  Our brains are jammed with content from the humanities, arts and sciences.  However, we are rarely if ever taught how to transform that content into innovations for making our worlds a better place.

Creativity classes teach the creation of ideas - but ideas are but 20% of the challenge when it comes to turning an idea into reality.

Entrepreneurship courses teach you how to start a business.  However, they spend little time on the soul of all successful businesses - the innovation the business is based on.

Management programs teach you how to manage.  They make the assumption that the key is how you organize and manage the innovation not on how to create the innovation in the first place.

Think of every organization you’ve ever worked for - were you ever taught the organization’s definition of innovation, why it innovated and the company’s method for how it innovates?

We are given objectives to change the direction of the company through new ideas.  But we are given no method to accomplish it.

When we are educated in a system for innovation we see problems as opportunities to be fixed.  The “blame game” is replaced with collaboration.  Whining is transformed into empowerment.

That my friends is my singular purpose in life - to help educate - so that everyone, everywhere can innovate everyday.




Doug Hall

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