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Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
It's the end of the year.  It's a time when  we reflect  on the year behind us and forward to the year ahead.

With Innovation Engineering this is a prime to to reflect on what we've learned.  With Innovation Engineering we are relentless in asking "What did you learn?" after every meeting, event, or even day or week.

The value of documenting in writing is something I learned as a young chemical engineer at Procter & Gamble's  Mehoopany Paper Plant.  Each week I had to write  a memo on my learnings.  As an engineer the idea of writing was not something I loved.  However, over time I found the process valuable as it forced me to stop and think.

At the end of the year we do our reflections in a more considered fashion.  Each of us writes our learnings.  We share them and talk about them. 

The format we use will be familiar to those who have attended the Innovation Engineering Executive Program as we do it at the end of the program.

To download the form we use for annual reviews (or reflections as they are also called).

And to read my personal review click on the line below to download a Power Point file.

2013 End of Year Review - Doug


The review has two parts for the YEAR PAST

Learning: What big things you've learned this year?  How are you smarter?  How have you grown your knowledge and the use of it?

Leadership: what have you led this year? An effort, development, research, etc.  What have you "owned" What did you pioneer?


The review has three parts for THE YEAR TO COME

Continue: What things are right on track and you should keep doing, just as you are?

Start: What things should you start doing that you aren't doing?

Stop: What things that you're doing today should you stop doing?

As the CEO of the organization I will tell you that I am always in amazement at the depth of thinking and the consideration that employees of all levels put into these reviews.   The result is a level of open and honest dialogue that inspires me and employees say inspires them.  The process takes some time - to write, to read, to listen to think about.  However I can tell you that the benefits are exponential.

Happy Holidays


p.s. I'm also open to some helpful advice to me on my reflection - I need help!

Doug Hall

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