4th Annual Innovation Engineering Conferences


4th Annual Conferences

Enabling LEAP Innovations

Nothing enables innovation confidence and momentum like disruptive “Leap” Innovations.

In truth - these types of big ideas that “matter” are no harder to create and develop then small ideas.   That’s because:

1) Innovation Leaps are changes that are worth the effort i.e. “they are cool stuff that matter”

2) Innovation Leaps have upside potential that creates pull within the organization

3) Innovation Leaps are a ton of fun to work on as they are truly Meaningfully Unique

With the release of Innovation Engineering 3.0 - education content, human systems and digital tools the movement has everything it needs to enable and accelerate Leap innovations. To help the community activate the world’s best practices - this year’s theme is Enabling LEAP Innovations.  We will be unleashing, igniting and yes enabling big, bold, ideas that matter!

A LEAP INNOVATION - Two Conferences (Live & Online) each with the SAME Content

As the movement multiples around the world, AND corporate travel budgets continue to be under pressure :) - it’s clear that we need to innovate on how we run our annual conference.

The simple yet elegant idea we are testing this year is to hold two conferences.  Each conference covers the same content.  The May Conference is live at the Eureka! Ranch - the June conference is online and will be broadcast world wide.  Both will cover the same content and will include interactive components in keeping with the format.

Sadly - May Conference is Sold Out but no stress… June Conference also be awesome. 

May Conference:  SOLD OUT - May 22-24 at the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio - USA

Sunday May 22:

• 1:00 Opening Keynote

• 2:00 to 5:00 System Driven Leadership Classes

• 5:00 LEAP Innovation Cocktails featuring Scientific Spirits™ from Edrington

• 6:00 Dinner & Networking

Monday May 23

• 7:30 Breakfast

• 8:00 Start - What we have learned….

• 9:00 to 5:00 - Pro bono - LEAP Innovation Session - Step By Step

• 5:00 Present LEAP Innovations

• 6:30 Dinner & Networking


• 7:30 Breakfast

• 8:00 Leap Innovation - Development to Delivery

• 8:30 What Have We Learned

• 9:30 Taking It Home - Applying System Driven Leadership to our Leap challenges

• 12:30 Closing

• 1:00 Lunch

June Conference:  ON-LINE - June 22 - Broadcast World Wide (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST)

The on-line conference will cover the exact same content.  It will also include interactive components that are suited for internet broadcasts.

•   9:00 AM - Opening Keynote & What Have We Learned

• 10:00 LEAP Innovation Workflow - Idea to Reality


•  12:30 PM - System Driven Leadership Classes

•  4:00 Taking It Home - Applying System Driven Leadership to our Leap challenges

•  4:30 Closing - What Have We Learned

To Register for June Conference Click Here

See, Feel & Experience LEAP Innovations from the Outside In:   During the May Conference we will be doing a pro-bono project for a mission driven company to help them take their efforts to a higher level.     As an attendee of the June Conference on-line you are invited to participate as a remote participant as is commonly done with Leap innovation projects.   You will be sent idea requests, Trailblazer Delphi and Idea Scan requests.

BENEFIT:  As Maggie Pfeifer said when she participated remotely on a project being held in Italy, “I was very surprised at how much fun it was to be able to react and give ideas remotely.  I felt like I was attending a part of the project yet still independent.  I could see things that those in the room couldn’t see.  I strongly recommend that everyone experience participating remotely.”

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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