3 Secrets to Getting Investors to Invest in Your Idea


To create, communicate and commercialize an innovation requires lots of money.  The money can come from your existing company, from outside investors or from your own savings. Note - when it’s from your own savings it’s not uncommon for that to not be fully your decision - you often have a spouse or partner who has a financial and emotional stake in you investing your money. 

Confront Reality & Build a Plan to DE-RISK your Innovation Project!


Using innovation to grow sales and profits is an accepted business concept.

How Leadership can Learn to TRUST their Teams


After 48 years of innovating and 33 years of consulting - I believe that the ROOT CAUSE of a lack of innovation at most companies the lack of TRUST that leaders have in the ability of their teams to innovate successfully. 

Innovation Mixologists & Bartenders


A wise man taught me recently the difference between a Bartender and a Mixologist.   

Doug Hall

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