The New Innovation Standard = Beyond Reasonable



Innovations can be meaningful, wonderful, better than expected. 

However my new standard is BEYOND REASONABLE!

I experienced BEYOND REASONABLE during the opening night of the new James Taylor and His All-Star Band with Bonnie Raitt tour.

It was not just good - it was overwhelmingly BEYOND REASONABLY AWESOME.   I can’t believe I’m saying this but on a pure entertainment basis it ranked close to Bruce Springsteen - and for fun with Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville circus.

The show did the little stuff great - started on time - delivered 3 hours of great music.

But that was just the start - it then went…

3 Ways to Bring Integrity to Your Work


This morning I’m thinking about integrity. defines Integrity as…

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
The state of being whole and undivided

When our work has integrity we are fulfilled. Integrity brings meaning to our work and life. 

Sadly - instead of integrity - much of our work life is filled with drama more befitting of a movie - politics, drama, and intrigue. The “drama” increases the larger the organization - and the more the ownership of our organization is “separated from the work” of the employees. 

Enough already - Lets commit to SMART not STUPID


Why do adults allow themselves to get STUPID as they age?

FACT:  The world is changing as science makes new discoveries.
FACT:  The world is changing as artificial intelligence enables new opportunities.
FACT:  The world is becoming one marketplace as the internet connects us.

TRUTH:  If you’re not getting smarter you’re getting STUPID.

Doug Hall

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