Craft Cocktail Recipe: Crazy Viking


A Complex & Creative Concoction that will Stir Your Soul!

This bourbon cocktail is an original by the Brain Brew Distilling Team at the Eureka! Ranch. It’s the perfect drink for sipping by a fire, inside, or at the lake behind our distillery.

The Crazy Viking is a variation of the classic Negroni - instead of Gin we use Noble Oak Bourbon and instead of Campari we use the Nordic Spirit Aquavite. We use the Linie Brand as it is aged in Spanish Sherry casks - just as our Noble Oak is - making for a magical combination.

How to Know a Big Idea When You See it!


An excerpt from my 7th book, Driving Eureka!...

The Innovation Engineering community’s definition of innovation is precise.

Meaningfully Unique

MEANINGFUL in that it has an obvious value to the customer. That is, the idea is so meaningful customers would willingly give up their existing behaviors for it. Importantly, it is also instantly understandable as to “Why should I, the customer, care?”

UNIQUE in that it is a genuine original. It’s a non-obvious leap that doesn’t exist in the world. Often it offers a quantifiable advantage such that you can put a number on how much better it is versus the existing alternative, if there is one.

5 Reasons Organizations Don't Pursue Big Ideas


Following the financial crises of 2008, organizations pulled back from “thinking big” and embracedsmall, incremental ideas.  The problem with this is these ideas still require investment of time, energy and money but with very little financial and emotional return.  The result is a lot of “talk but no action” on the ideas.

To IGNITE Innovation we have to return to THINKING BIG!   

In my new roll as Chief Inventor / Chairman of the Eureka! Ranch my focus is 100% on igniting fresh ideas, bold ideas, crazy ideas that stretch thinking.  It’s not my job to be reasonable, prudent or politically correct :).   As I’ve gotten into the new roll of being a pure idea catalyst - I’ve been having a ton fo fun.   The new systems we have with spark decks, 6 types of stimulus mining, artificial intelligence “instant” concept feedback, etc. - make it easier then ever to THINK BIG.

As I’m having fun cranking ideas - I’ve had opportunities to talk with executives about what holds them back.  Here are the five top reasons I’m hearing.

Craft Cocktail Recipe: The Gold Rush


The Gold Rush is my go-to cocktail in the summertime. It was invented by T.J. Siegal at the original Milk & Honey in New York's Lower East Side. It’s a modern, complex twist on a Whiskey Sour.

One of the BIGGEST False Cures for Innovation Challenges


An excerpt from my 7th book, Driving Eureka!...

When a leader is ready to confront the reality that they need to innovate to compete they frequently seek out one or more of what the Innovation Engineering Pioneers call the five “False Cures.” These are simplistic management fixes that sound promising, but that in the long term often cause more damage than good.

False Cure #1: More Inspection, Metrics, and Bigger Rewards. The hypothesis is: If management reviews the development of innovations more frequently and diligently, then innovation success will be realized. The truth is inspection of quality doesn’t work. Just as in the factory, innovation quality must be built into the organization’s work systems and tools.

Five Truths About Innovation Learned over 40 Years


After helping create and test over 25,000 innovations with a commercialization valuation of $17 Billion I’ve learned the following 5 things are critical to innovation success:

  1. Alignment on what is an INNOVATION is the Start: Successful innovation begins with alignment on a precise and measurable definition of WHAT is an innovation.  We define an idea as an innovation if it is “Meaningfully Unique.”  We measure it by asking customers how likely they are to purchase (meaningfulness) and how new and different (unique) they perceive the idea to be. With Meaningful Uniqueness as the definition innovation is no longer a debate. Rather, it’s grounded in factual evidence. And it works. Ideas with greater Meaningful Uniqueness create word of mouth, awareness, distribution trial purchase/usage, and repeat purchase/usage.

  2. Failure is Fundamental:  Meaningfully Unique innovations have never been done before. To make them real you need to test, try, and experiment. You must embrace failure as just the normal process required to turn big ideas into reality. Rapid cycles of experimentation are run because we don’t know the answer before we begin. Importantly, these cycles of learning
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