Reflections from London


Hi from London,

It’s been a week of mind opening ideas. I’ve had 5 meetings a day. It’s been an interesting mix of serious corporate types plus craft whiskey / beer company owners.

What I’m learning is that understanding of what it really takes to as we say “Find, Filter and Fast Track” big ideas is very low.

I’ve talked to corporate people who are living in denial that the world is changing.

I’ve talked to entrepreneurs who are not confronting the reality of their “math.”

FORTUNATELY - I’ve also talked to…

Very wise retired corporate leaders who have a real sense or urgency.

Young entrepreneurs who are profitably commercializing products that blow away the “big guys.”

I met the owner of the Speakeasy under Milroy;s (You have to push on a bookcase to find the hidden staircase). He blew me away with his understanding of the art and science of cocktails. I He tasted our whiskey - and we riffed on ideas for new cocktails.

Doug Hall

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