When I took the stage I was SHOCKED by the reaction


I was in Denver last week, speaking to senior business leaders who are on the board of directors of various public and private companies. 

My job that night was to teach them the latest methods for leading innovation. However as I spoke to people during the cocktail hour before the event I became VERY UNSURE how it would go. 

I was unsure because I perceived a very low level of understanding on innovation best practices among the board of director members. 

Entering the stage - I thought of Dr. Deming - my opening words were delivered with empathy… “How could you know. “How could you know how much faster and less risky Innovation is today. Tonight myself, the host and my fellow speaker will seek to begin your education process.” 

Write your book - do it - start tomorrow


In the strongest possible way I recommend that you sit down and write the book that is within you.   

This is my thought this morning as I e-mail off the final text for my next book, out this fall on how how to create a meaningful difference with your career, team, company and community using the Innovation Engineering system.  

I’m blessed beyond blessed with incredible life experiences however NOTHING MATCHES the reward and joy I realize from writing books.   Writing books is the best way I’ve found to think deeply - really deeply about something that I care about.  

This recent book has been the most difficult and most rewarding book I’ve ever written.  It took me just over five years to complete it.  Finding words to type onto the screen is easy.    The really hard part of writing is the thinking process.   This book stubbornly resisted completion until I invested the mental effort to think it through. 

Writing a book is hard mental work - just as working out your body is hard work.  But the pain in both cases is worth the gain.  That my friends is the benefit I can promise you from writing your book.  You will come out of the process much smarter then you went in.  

Doug Hall

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