Let me accept an imperfect present so that I can transform the next moment


As 2017 comes to an end I am rereading Towards Wisdom it was written by my good friend, Copthorne Macdonald.   He passed away a few years ago at about this time of year.   He lives on the pages of his books.  I’ve pasted below a section from his book that speaks to the need to think deeper about the challenges life brings us. He goes on to talk about nurturing a positive mind state. In a world that can seem filled with anger his message is one of hope. Beware -as with all Copthorne conversations you have to think deeply about it. He was never a "light" thinker. Enjoy. Doug

What separates Leaders from Great Leaders is Emotional Engagement in the Future


This fall I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about leadership. Now I recognize that the study of anything is a never ending story.  There is always more to be learned. This post attempts to push the boundaries of our understanding of what makes for genuinely great leadership.  

Great Leaders Have Patience and Humility


This was inspired by the recent Innovation Engineering Leadership Summit.  Enjoy

1. Believe, 2. Listen and 3. Learn


If you believe - and listen - you will get smarter every day, week and month.

Doug Hall

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