Many people die at 25 and aren't buried until they are 75.


The headline to this post is as true today and was it was when first written by Ben Franklin over 200 years ago. 

How to START and SUSTAIN an Innovation Culture


Ed Tazzia told me recently, As I’ve spoken to large companies three things seem apparent.  

The one trick to instantly increasing your odds of long term success.


Few like to do it; it’s not sexy or groundbreaking but long term it will greatly increase our odds of success. What is it? Clear and thorough documentation of what we do. When we’re in the moment doing the cool next thing it’s easy to forget about documenting our steps. Early on in the process when things are changing minute to minute it might not be worth it but once things have settled down a bit it’s the most important step. By having clear and thorough documentation of everything it enables us to reliably repeat what we did months or years ago, even if the people that did it no longer work there. 

DISCOVERY - the TWO REASONS 70% of employees are DISENGAGED


According to Gallop 70% of workers are disengaged in their work (65% of managers).  Disengaged workers, view their jobs as an exchange of time for a paycheck. They arrive and leave on time, take their breaks, never volunteer for extra work or projects, and do little else in between beyond the minimal effort. They show little passion or creativity for their jobs and go through the motions. (UNC Executive Development)

I’m Fired Up - Excited - Optimistic!


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