What is the ROI on an investment in education?


This past week I had a CEO question the ROI on an investment in educating his people.   I took two deep breaths and thought to myself “how could he know.”  

Are you among the 70% who are BORED?


A Gallop survey found that 70% of employees are bored at work.  The data appears to be solid as separate studies find that only about 30% of adults are “engaged” with their work.   

Starting Idea Doesn’t Determine Innovation Success


Over the past week I set out to quantify the relative impact of three factors: 1) Starting Idea, 2) Innovation Capability and 3) Leadership Engagement when it comes to financial success with innovation.   I reviewed hard data and interviewed expert innovators within complex organizations.  There was near universal agreement on the relative importance of the three factors.  

Jump Start Your Brain - Spark Deck 9.6.2017



BACKGROUND on Spark Decks© and Stimulus Response®: As we teach in Innovation Engineering training courses research by the IE Institute team finds that creativity and innovation is not random.  You can increase the number of ideas you generate by a factor of 10 and the number of validated BIG IDEAS by a factor of 6.   The three principles are: 

How to Get Off the Treadmill and Go Somewhere Meaningful


We all know the importance of thinking and acting on a long term basis.  However, reacting to short term challenges consumes our energy.   We tell ourselves “when I get this done - then I’ll work on bigger, longer term goals.”    However,  there is an unlimited supply of short term challenges.  Before we know it - 5, 10 tor 20 years go by and we find nothing changes - we are running on a treadmill - going nowhere.  

Doug Hall

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