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When you learn you are growing. When you are growing you are living your life to the fullest. I find that stopping each Saturday morning to reflect on “what I learned” ensures that I stay conscious of learning, growing and living my life to the fullest. 

Advice on how to live life - from my Great Grandfather at age 95


This past week I had a reel to reel audio tape converted to digital.  It was an interview with Will Holder - my great grandfather.  It was made just after his 95th birthday - he had retired from his business at age 90 and lived to the age of 99.   

I want to point out the danger in any attempt at culture change.


“I want to point out the danger in any attempt at culture change. “  So started out the first of a series of e-mails received this week from Deming Master Walter Werner.  His words of wisdom are invaluable to anyone who seeks to lead a team, department or organization towards a better way of working together. 

Think More Creatively By Getting Outdoors


I have always used nature to inspire my book writing.  I always write in remote rural locations with lots of breaks for walks, runs, swimming, kayaking, biking or cross country skiing during the day.   This summer I have learned that being in nature is actually more powerful than I realized.  Florence Williams book The Nature Fix documents with hard data why being in nature makes people feel happier, healthier and more creative. 

Doug Hall

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