What the birthplace of Buffalo Wings taught me about innovation PLUS a Bonus


Last week I visited  the Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY where on March 4th, 1964, Teressa Bellissimo invented Buffalo Wings.   Eating Anchor Wings for the first time taught me an important lesson about innovation. 

Stanford Research Study Finds Innovation Engineering is a true “Breakout Innovation” System


A team of Stanford researchers have found that most “innovation methods” don’t actually result in innovative solutions.  Most simply result in “innovation as usual.”    Their research found that Innovation Engineering went beyond “Innovation-as-Usual” to true Breakout Innovation based on their review of the work that March of Dimes has done with Innovation Engineering.   Their two year study identified five practices that enable Breakout Innovation.  Each of these align with Innovation Engineering best practices.

Get off the road… to reset your mindset this summer.


This week I learned the importance of getting off the road so to reset my mindset.     This insight came from a conversation with my daughter Victoria.     She sent the following photo of the “loop” in Yellowstone National Park. It was jammed with tourists visiting the expected tourist things.   Eventually, the frustration of being bumper to bumper in a national park got to her.  She felt her frustration growing and growing.   She then did the only thing she could think of "She Got Off The Road." 

Connection is not the same as Communication



Why the craft movement is going to kill off corporations.


The craft movement is growing.  All craft whiskey companies will not succeed.  But unless corporations learn the Craft mindset they will all fail.  
Doug Hall

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