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The SECRET: System Evolution not Revolution


Key Message:   System Driven Innovation requires never ending innovation in our internal systems for strategic alignment, phase gate, collaboration, rapid research and patenting.  HOWEVER - it’s easier to find the time and energy to invent a breakthrough innovation then it is to get an investment in system improvements.
THE SECRET to system innovation is to do it through EVOLUTION not REVOLUTION. 

The older I get the more I value every moment


The older I get the more I value every moment.
Every idea that comes to my mind.

Celebrating 30 Years + Special Offer


This week marks 30 years since I sat down with Tim Riker and incorporated Eureka! Ranch.   In the beginning the company was called Richard Saunders International - in honor of Ben Franklin’s pen name when he wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac.   Our initial office and the location for Eureka! Sessions was the basement of our home.   Our funding source was three credit cards plus my wife working double shifts at the hospital.   People often ask did you have any idea it would turn out as it has?  The honest answer is no and yes.  No I could not have imagined what a ride it's been.   But YES  I always felt that wonderful things would happen if we believed in the power of never ending learning (stimulus), learning from others (diversity) and rapid experimentation (drive out fear).

Innovation Requires You to Expose “Nakedness”


In Hans Christian Andersen’s classic short story - “The Emperor’s New Clothes” a vain emperor is hoodwinked by those working for him to believe that his new suit of clothes are made from a fabric that is invisible to anyone who is “hopelessly stupid.”
Everyone in the community plays along until an honest child blurts out the truth - setting off a chain reaction of awareness.  As Jack Zipes wrote, “Sight becomes insight, which, in turn, prompts action.”

Doug Hall

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