Quotes that struck me...


I'm deep into book writing ... in the process going through a collection of files... a few quotes really struck me this morning.
AG Lafley

Can someone help me understand this contradiction?


The other day I was working with a senior leadership team translating their business strategy to what we call Blue Cards - these are simple translations of the leaderships strategic intent.
We crafted a card about the need for growth - defined a highly motivating  narrative, set strategic exclusions and even tactical constraints.  In particular we made it clear that we were not interested in ideas that generated less than $10 Million (it was a very large company).

Realistically Idealistic - what a beautiful Oxymoron


Our daughter Tori  just passed her Masters defense.   One of the members of her committee sent her a nice note of congratulations.
She concluded the note by saying "Best wishes in the journey to come. Continue to stay wise, safe and realistically idealistic - is there any better oxymoron?"

How to Help Leaders Find the Courage to "Do the right thing"


The classic "excuse" for the short term orientation of leadership is that the big boss, the shareholders, wall street, venture capitalists, or who ever - needs to see short term results.
There is only one way for a leader to find the courage to do the right thing - even if it is costly in the short term.

Doug Hall

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