I am thankful for the Pioneers...


This Thanksgiving in the USA I am thankful for the Pioneers that have created and sustain the Innovation Engineering Movement.
These Pioneers have come together from around Planet Earth.  They believe that  they can and will Change their World.

The Secret to Inventing "Game Changing" LEAP Innovations


The Secret to Inventing LEAP innovations is “taking the time, to spend the time, to learn more” before you start inventing ideas.
Ideas are feats of association.

10 Ways to Dramatically Increase Speed to Market


The Innovation Engineering System helps you accelerate Meaningfully Unique ideas TO MARKET.   In contrast, other innovation systems are focused simply on the creation of ideas.
Ideas are important however 80% or more of innovation failure lies in the development process.With the wrong development system ideas can decline in market value by as much as 50% as they run into obstacles.  With Innovation Engineering ideas actually grow in value by 28% during the development process.

There is nothing worse than a dream unfulfilled


Inside all of us are ideas.  Ideas for making a difference in our world, our company, our community, our personal lives.
Sadly, most people will never take action on these ideas. I believe that a small reason they don't take action is because they are lazy.

Doug Hall

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