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Yesterday on the banks of the Saint John River, my Cousin Deb inspired the following blog post.  Enjoy…

Why do I need to innovate?


The question “Why do I need to Innovate?” remains the question that I answer week after week.   
Business leaders often tell me that they don’t need to innovate.  They explain that - if we just ______ it will all go back to the way it was and all will be good.

You can fill in the blank with what ever you wish … if we just had workers who were more engaged… if we just had workers who worked harder… if we just got government out of our business…if we just had a government who cared about business and who did something about China…

The truth is we can’t go back.

We can only go forward… adapting…evolving… changing… our systems, our services or products.

Most important of all we need to transform our mindset.

So What Is This Thing Called Innovation Engineering


Last week the Innovation Engineering Institute team gathered  to think deeply.  One of the many outputs was the thought piece below on what Innovation Engineering is and how it works.

What I've Learned in the Past 6 Months


Hello Innovation Pioneers around the world!
I worked at Procter & Gamble for as long as I was learning.  Every January 1 and July 4th I would stop and ask myself if I was smarter than I was 6 months before.  After 10 years the answer was no so I retired and with three credit cards for my funding I set forth on my next life adventure.  The natural way of life is learning.  If we are not growing with learning we are headed towards death.

Doug Hall

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