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Happy New Years
A key Innovation Engineering method for increasing speed and decreasing risk is measurement. We quantify the sales potential of ideas early in the innovation process.   We use tools such as New Market GPS to quickly estimate profitability, cost of goods sold and profit margin for innovations in markets that are new to us.

A New Years Resolution Suggestion


Good Morning Innovation Change Agents,

Giggling Excitement


Giggling Excitement is what I’m feeling as I sit by the fire at our farmhouse here on the shore of New London Bay -  Springbrook,  Prince Edward Island, Canada. 
doug_badgeIn the nearly 30 years of the Purpose -  I’ve never, ever felt such excitement for the year to come.  The Purpose.  The Purpose for me and others is ……To Change the World by transforming innovation from a random art to a reliable system.  The result is a cultural transformation - where we as a collective community focus on making a meaningful difference in our lives, communities and the world.  Said in a more blunt fashion ….it’s about enabling and educating people so that they can

A HELPFUL - Year End Review


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
It's the end of the year.  It's a time when  we reflect  on the year behind us and forward to the year ahead.

Human Systems plus Digital Systems


David Brooks has a fascinating piece in the NYTimes this morning that discusses the change upon us with the digital age.
In the opening he says...

The 3 Secrets to Creating a Culture of Innovation


The Innovation Engineering Movement is RELIABLY creating sustainable cultures of innovation.  The movement is a collection of communities of Innovation Engineering Black Belts within Fortune 100 Companies, Small and Medium Sized Companies, Governments, Universities and the members of the newly formed Innovation Engineering Network (see "p.s." below).  
In just a few years we have grown from a community of about a dozen individuals to a community covering five countries, all fifty US states, hundreds of small and medium sized companies and dozens of large companies and universities.  Arguably, by January 1 we will be the world's largest network of certified innovation companies and experts.   

Doug Hall

The Driving Eureka! Newsletter is a compilation of case studies, new techniques, thought provoking insights, an occasional rant, and excerpts from my books 



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