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Good Morning Friends from Heathrow Airport
I have learned a lot this week - but don't have time to get it all out.

Three New IE Resources for Increasing Speed and Decreasing Risk


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
This week I was at the Eureka! Ranch teaching Innovation College with Maggie, Greg and Jill.

The Blessing and Curse of Never Ending Innovation


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
I’m just back from a 3,000 mile / 10 day trip to the front lines of the Innovation Engineering movement.   It was the style of trip I learned to do at  Procter & Gamble.  By that I mean it was a trip focused on “Spending Behind the Business.”  At P&G you are taught that your first priority is to focus energy on regions, brands and managers who are the best first as they are the ones that will drive success.   Therefore, instead of visiting the “squeaky wheels” I visited with the leading edge of the movement.

60 Minute Strategic Plan



Doug Hall

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