The only sustainable competitive advantage is your organization's ability to learn faster than the competition


Good Morning Pioneers
Again apologies for the length - I remain in "book writing mode."

Help Wanted! Jobs Wanted! Interns! IE Job Definition!


Good Morning Pioneers,
A sure sign that the Innovation Engineering has become a full fledged movement is when executives from small and large companies are asking us for leads on Innovation Engineering Black Belts they could hire.

Silence Dogood on why Innovation Doesn't Work and Fresh Discoveries on Metrics


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
This Post is best enjoyed if you click on e-mail and go to website - where the pictures are visible.

My English friend - Silence Dogood - the CEO of Craven Street Industries has sent me another email.  The exchange is humorous however the issue is real.  Innovation requires a new mindset for metrics.  As Dr. Deming would say, “How could they know?

I thank Silence for sending the e-mail as it’s an important issue to educate on.  It’s important because I get this question from every corporation we work with.   It’s also important because when the old metric mindset is used for a company starting innovation a false negative is sure to occur - and innovation will die for the wrong reasons. 

I apologize in advance for the length - I realize that 2,000+ words is not proper a modern blog post.  However, I am in book writing mode - which involves deeper thinking :). 

Below Silence's letter - there are some important learnings from a recent statistical analysis of the IE Labs project database - that details an "alpha" translation for forecasting future value of ideas that are in your innovation pipeline. 


The Antidote to Exhaustion is Not Necessarily Rest


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
David Whyte speaks to the world in the way that only a poet can.  I’ve interviewed him a number of times for radio programs I've hosted.  And, was once honored to have him visit the Ranch where we shared a bottle of good red wine in the wine cellar.

Which comes first..the System or the Culture?


Hello Pioneers,
I’d like to share with you a tale of two companies.

Celebrate Your Victories - More Support is Coming


"Courage is the ability to cultivate a relationship with the unknown; to create a form of friendship with what lies around the corner over the horizon -- with those things that have not yet fully come into being."

Doug Hall

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