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Good Morning Pioneers,
Today - at InnovationEngineering.org  for one month only - in honor of the 33rd anniversary of the NBC Special If Japan Can... Why Can't We? - you and your team can watch a one hour documentary - that tells the story of the transformation that Dr. Deming, Clare Crawford Mason and Lloyd Dobyns sparked.  (NBC owns the rights to the original video - and they are not making it available at this time).

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Hi Pioneers,
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Innovation Pioneers,
Today we have gone live with an upgrade to Innovation Engineering Labs.com

Let's change the world AND....have one hell of a good time!


This morning Jesse Bechtold of Kansas USA posted a blog on the Brain Brew Cafe as he does every Saturday morning.  Brain Brew is a private blog for Innovation Engineering Black Belts and Blue Belts.   It impressed me so much I decided to repost it for the rest of the world to see...
American writer E.B. White once said,

Where are you going in the second act?


This past weekend Erskine Smith, a very dear friend and mentor of mine passed away.  He was 67.  Erskine was the founder, spirit and soul of the Victoria Playhouse - located in Victoria by the Sea on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.  It's a small town with a big name and a big heart.  That heart is a little quieter today with Erskine's passing. 
If you think I have any skill at presenting - it is due in large part to what Erskine taught me.   He directed me in the play North Pole Tenderfoot that I wrote an

The Movement Will Expand BIG TIME this week!


Good Afternoon Innovation Pioneers,
I'm typing this from somewhere over eastern Ohio - on a Delta flight to the homeland - that would be the great state of Maine.  Tonight my biggest choice is -- will it be Pats Pizza in Orono with a Geary's Pale Ale or a Lobster Roll at the Sea Dog Brew Pub!

Doug Hall

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