The Power of Showing Up


Here's another blog posting from the Black Belt blog by Maggie Nichols How Your Absence as a Coach or Leader Can Hurt Your Team and How Showing Up Can be Fun

70,000 JOBS -- What's the Next Dream for the Future?


That's right 70,000 JobsThat is what the current
Innovation Pipeline translates to.This is based on the value of the innovation projects that have been defined in writing - the customer, problem, promise, proof - the Math Game Plan - the Death Threats and Action Plans.The data is calculated by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness from US BEA, US Economic Census, Economic Modeling Specialists Inc.

It's true that many of the projects will "die" along the way - however, the value of ideas in "Define" that are waiting to take their place is a multiple then the future is bright.

It's also true that these jobs don't happen instantly.  In fact, academic research finds it takes 1 to 3 years for meaningfully unique innovations to reach market.   However - the good news is the ideas that take longer are often worth the investment of time as their greater meaningful uniqueness gives them the potential to generate a more significant improvement in the companies profitability.

The bottom line is - we have collectively created a reliable system for transforming the mindset of cultures from a world of reactive cost cutting to a mindset of Proactive Innovation!

Getting to this point has been a long time coming.  Working together we've done it!  Though Innovation Engineering is a new field of academic study taught by universities - though it's filled with education programs - it's most importantly a real world program used by thousands to transform their companies, colleges, communities and countries.

HOWEVER - with this victory comes a responsibility. 

A responsibility to FOCUS ON THE FUTURE.  We need to challenge ourselves to continue to innovate ourselves.  There are many who still struggle - who can't sell it, lead it, or understand it. We must simplify, improve, redesign, transform and make the transformation of mindset happen faster and more effectively.

We must continue to DREAM of the FUTURE!
To that end I've pasted below a post by Maggie Nichols COO of the Innovation Engineering Institute where she speaks to the need for us to Dream of the future.  It's reprinted from the Brain Brew Black Belt Blog - a private blog for those who are in the Innovation Engineering  Black Belt certification program.

What's in it for you? 61 Specific Ways Managers are Using the Transformation of Mindset that is Innovation Engineering


Hello Innovation Pioneers,
Innovation Engineering is about a transformation of mindset.

University Students Lead Acceleration of Innovation in State of Maine


Hello Innovation Pioneers,
Recall - recently we announced that $4.1 Billion worth of innovations had been created, communicated and defined in Innovation Engineering Labs as part of Innovation Engineering projects.   We don't know if this is a good number or a bad number as we have nothing to compare it agains.  However we are deeply humbled and yes proud of how fast the movement is growing. 

Doug Hall

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