How to Accelerate Export & Partnerships with Irish Innovators


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,
This Blog Post includes links to videos where four Irish Companies tell the story of their Innovation Engineering Journey.
The VIDEOS ARE VALUABLE to watch and share with your team as they will help you understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  The accents are different - however the challenges they face and the solutions that work are the same the world over. 

Thank You for YOUR Tireless Investment of Time & Energy in Reigniting American Innovation & Growth


Good Morning Innovation Pioneers, 
It's hard - it's really HARD to get people to take meaningful action on innovation.

Cut the Biggest Source of Waste!


Good Morning Innovation Leaders,
For most companies their biggest “wasted expense” is discounting.  Discounting can be as much as 20% to even 50% of list price when a company’s offerings are viewed as a commodity by customers.  The magnitude of the waste from discounting helps us understand why Dr. Deming said the "Factory offers just 3% of the opportunity for company improvement"

Announcing Innovation Engineering Leadership 3.0


Good Morning,
We are proud to announce the third version of Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI)

URGENT: for the good of the country - READ THIS & ACT


Good Morning Members of the Innovation Movement,
For those who say the Innovation Engineering Movement is too passionate - who say we don't like your style - your urgency - your innovation or nothing approach -- we don't like how we are being pushed - we can't handle this much change - be adult - slow down - we change too much -- we can't handle this much change -- let's analyze, analyze, analyze -- lets debate details - let's be adult and mature.

READ THIS if you want to reignite your OPTIMISM


Good Morning Friends,
In a world where ignorance and stupidity seem to be winning -- yesterday I got a shot of optimism that I thought i'd share.

Doug Hall

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