Connecting Dr.. Deming's 14 Points to Innovation Engineering's 6 Principles


Good Morning Innovation Leaders,
As our annual Deming week celebration comes to an end -- I thought I'd post some things to get you thinking.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire


Good Morning Innovation Leaders,
There are just 4 days left in this year's public airing of  How Everybody Wins: Finding Joy, Meaning and Profit in the Workplace.   This classic DVD summarizes the lessons learned 30 years ago when the the last revolution inbusiness thinking occurred.   The public airing is thanks to Clare-Crawford Mason, Bob Mason and Kevin Cahill, grandson of Dr. Deming and Executive Director of The W. Edwards Deming Institute.
To get to the video - log onto the homepage of Labs -- visit    It's the last video listed on the video player.   Watch with your team -- and talk the TRUTH about your situation.

Important Announcement & Special Event for the next 7 Days


Good Morning Leaders of the Innovation Movement,
Today - at  (also known as for 7 days only - in honor of the 32nd anniversary of the NBC Special If Japan Can... Why Can't We? - you and your team can watch a one hour documentary - that tells the story of the transformation that Dr. Deming, Clare Crawford Mason and Lloyd Dobyns sparked.  (NBC owns the rights to the original video - and they are not making it available at this time).  If you don't see the video in the player on the homepage, log out of the website and that should fix it.

Confidently Vulnerable


Good Morning Innovation Leaders,
Recently, Maggie Nichols, Ranch COO - posted this on the private - Innovaition Engineering Black Belt blog -- I'm reposting it on the public blog because I think it's an important message

Impressed, Saddened and Motivated for the Future


Good Morning Innovation Leaders,
Recently I was in Istanbul Turkey helping a very progressive European company reinvent itself so to be more relevant to emerging nations.   The specific task was ideas for reinventing a 100+ year old brand to make it meaningfully unique to the citizens of Russia, Turkey and China.

Announcing: Innovation Engineering RADIO... It's ON AIR NOW 24/7


Good Morning Innovation Leaders,
I'm proud to announce the alpha release of Innovation Engineering Radio is ON AIR!

Latest Thinking -- and Slides from Yesterday's Keynote on Innovation is Easy


Good Morning Innovation Leaders
Attached at the website (Click on link to Labs website) is the slide deck from my speech yesterday at Norwich University in Vermont to their graduate school.

It's a new way of thinking about our innovation movement -- it's been inspired by discussions with Dr. Deming's Grandson, Clare Crawford Mason, Bob Mason and from watching hours of video from Clare and Bob's - Deming Video Library.

Simple Numbers and Ask Doug From Charlotte Day 2


Good Morning Innovation Leaders
Here's the simple numbers you should be shooting for

Empowerment and Ask Doug From Charlotte Part 1


Hello Innovation Leaders,
If you click on the link at the end of this e-mail to go to the Innovation Labs website - you can listen to the ask Doug Questions from Charlotte part 1.

The Revolution Has Begun -- We are Past the Tipping Point


Hello Innovation Leaders,
January 27, 2010 - the Innovation Engineering Movement began at Sugarloaf Ski Resort.

Doug Hall

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