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The old world way to lead innovation projects is a relay race – where projects move from one department to the next —- from R&D to Product Development to Manufacturing To Marketing and Sales.
The new Innovation Engineering way involves playing "whack a mole." It involves Simultaneously optimizing your Customer Concept (Problem, Promise, Proof) as well as your Math Game Plan.  We call the process Simultaneous Engineering.  It involves taking the wisdom from Fail Fast Fail Cheap cycles of learning to optimize the total proposition.

We Must all Hang Together


This week the Innovation Engineering Labs Innovation Request system was born. That’s why you got all those “5 Minutes of time would really help” e-mails.  It’s a “many to many” suggestion box system that can help you find ideas, stimulus, contacts, resources and expertise.  This past week the Innovation Request system:
Successfully connected a food manufacturer in Ohio with a patented technology for yogurt that is a 5 to 1 taste test winner.

Doug Hall

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