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Recently a very smart client quoted Dickens…

Feeling the Pain


Last night I watched Waiting for Superman the movie about the US School System.  The movie exaggerates it's depiction of Charter School effectiveness and teacher unions as the evil empire.  That said, it's still a fantastic movie because of how effectively it depicts the problems with our schools from the perspective of children.
The line that made me stop and think hard was when the producer talked about how it was easy to look at the US Education challenges from afar.  It was easy to look at students as a group.

The SIMPLE way to become an expert at Innovation Engineering


The best Innovators and entrepreneurs soak up every bit of stimulus they can find. As they “fill their mental food processor” they make connections. As they acquire more stimulus and experience new connections are made – and powerful ideas revealed. I was reminded of this recently when doing some stimulus mining for an upcoming Eureka! Inventing project. Our mission is to invent a framework for how to make a step change improvement in student interest in and learning of science.
During the stimulus mining one spark set off a chain reaction of 6 connections. The result is a change to these weekly emails.

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